A little bit about Taylor and Pooch.

Nick, a former Royal Marine with the aim to provide the best day time dog care to East Hull villages, founded Taylor and Pooch in July 2016. With a clear vision to help people and pets enjoy their lives together. Holding a firm belief that happy pets and happy people, make a happier world.

While growing up on a busy working farm Nick loved to help his father especially when it involved looking after the animals. Nick loved to care for their two Border Collies Jack and Lassie. Having a passion for fitness and the great outdoors, Taylor and Pooch is a great way for Nick to combine all three.

Nick’s fitness (being an former Royal Marine) and experience with animals make him an ideal daytime partner for your pooch. With our purpose built dog walking area we can ensure your pooches safety and security. Whilst in our care we will be treat your Pooch as part of our family and return them home after a fun day playing.

Taylor and Pooch’s service is unique and unless required your pooch will not be shackled to a wrist. Instead we prefer to give them the freedom to be who they are inquisitive and playful. Taking your loyal friend to play and run free on a country farm no longer needs to be a dream.